Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Sports fishing charter a Massive Sucess

On our most recent charter we decided to partake in a spot of sport and game fishing to see what brutes we could pull from the depths. We started off on one of the local shipwrecks with some soft plastic jigging.

On the very first drop, Adam our decky hooked up on the light gear on a really solid fish. At first we were calling snapper but as the fight drew on and on we were starting to doubt our previous thoughts. ventually after about 15 minutes a 10kg golden trevally lay subdued next to the boat.

Sports fishing charter a Massive Sucess

We then proceded to hook up on several more Goldies and by the end of a hot session that lasted about 40 minutes, we had boated 4 solid fish. We then headed out wider to one of the local island to try for some spanish mackeral. With two lures in tow, we worked the current lines that peeled off the island.

On our second pass both rod simultaneosly loaded up and it was on again. Again we made the call – big spanish. After the first blistering run and the sheer fact that we had a double hookup – we were sure that 2 big macks had grabbed our lines. However after 25 mins of hard deep dives and unstoppable runs we changed our tune.

These could only be one thing – Big GTs. After 30mins the first fish had the lip grips applied and was weighed in at a hefty 32kg. 10 mins after that the second one hit the surface and went 29 kgs. Some truly awesome sport fishing and probably 2 of the biggest fish that theses guys are ever likely to catch. Later on in the day we tried our luck for a few snapper but only managed one smallish fish of about 2.5kg. Another awesome day to remember.


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